Marketing can be overwhelming sometimes. There are so many channels, approaches, ideas, and messages to grow your products.
Usually, the trouble isn’t finding things to do, but prioritizing the right ones and transforming learnings into processes.

I support my clients in three core areas to overcome these challenges: Positioning their products, defining their Strategy, and Implementing it.

My business is named iterating growth after one of my guiding principles – it’s not about being perfect, it’s all about learning and getting better at what makes us grow.

After a degree in journalism, I held executive marketing roles for startups such as Xyologic and conichi. Since 2016, I plan and implement growth tactics for tech and mobile companies.

I love working with B2B companies as well as consumer-facing apps.
I’ve helped my clients successfully grow their publications (Mobile Growth Stack), reinvent their positioning (Miri Growth), or build up new user acquisition channels (IDAGIO).

In 2018, I became a mentor for marketing strategy and positioning at techstars METRO accelerator.